Fighting over the Children

Or The Tabernacle in Genesis 3

solomonstemple2One of the best things you get from James Jordan is a big handle on the Tabernacle.[1] It was a miniature of the creation. It was also a further development of the Garden of Eden, being more glorious than the Garden itself (the trees were now worked timber, and the wood was covered in precious metal).

Jordan’s theory that Satan was to be a tutor to Adam and Eve, but fell in the moment he deceived them, finds support in the Tabernacle layout. (Angels tutor God’s people throughout the Old Testament.) Satan was the secondary lightbearer, the Lampstand, facing north.

Adam was to be broken bread and poured out wine, the Face of the Man, facing south, the Table of Showbread (the facebread).

Between them, Eve, the mother of all living, was the Altar of Incense. As element 5, Day 5, she is a “multitude” in one body. She is awesome as an army with banners. Women possess all their ova from birth.[2]


So, we have Eve between the serpent and the Man in a tug-o’-war where Adam doesn’t even pick up the rope. It is victory by default for the serpent.

What is even more interesting is that the pillars the Lord told David to build at the Temple entry correspond to the Table and the Lampstand. Priests were anointed by Jachin, the northern pillar. Kings were anointed by Boaz, the southern pillar. Jordan points out that over time these bronze pillars would have weathered and become a shade of green. Here are the two great trees at the centre of the garden. Adam was given access to the Tree of Life (Jachin, priestly bread), and Satan offered access to the kingly Tree of Judicial Knowledge (Boaz, a king’s “decree” cup of wine). [3]

What was at stake was the future of humanity. Nazis, Communists and the radical left understand that education is the future. The future is stolen when children are removed from their believing parents (as happened recently in Sweden, I believe) to indoctrinate them.

Children are the future. Satan understood this. Through Adam’s failure as Covenant Head to judge Satan, the future was filled with widows and orphans. And in Adam’s place, Satan became the corrupt tutor of all living, the father of lies.



[1] Jordan’s Garden of God lectures available here.
[2] The High Priest reflected this structure as well, with the 12 gemstones (tribes) on his chest. As a “better” Adam, he carried the children before God—on his bosom— as an advocate. For more on the High Priest as Tabernacle, see Gold, Onyx and Bdellium. For Greater Eve as a “Trumpets” army see Ish and Isha.
[3] The laver symbolised the “springs of water” under the garden, and the bronze altar the outlying land. At a more complex level, the Tabernacle layout also symbolised heaven and earth. See the diagram from Totus Christus in Trinitarian Judgments.

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