The Rock that Followed Them – 2

moses-and-amalekAnother quick thought on this difficult passage (previous post). Exodus 17 also follows the Bible matrix, and at this step (Trumpets/Incense), Moses is “enthroned” on a rock, while Hur and Aaron hold up his arms. Moses didn’t physically follow Joshua, except with his eyes.

So Moses and the elders are the Incense Altar above the Bronze Altar where the bloodshed is taking place. Paul thus is referring to Christ being “right behind” the doubting Christians, from heaven, as He promised.

Also, in the ministry of Christ, after His resurrection (the same point in the pattern), an angel sat on the rock.

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2 Responses to “The Rock that Followed Them – 2”

  • Tap Says:

    Interesting way of depicting the Aaron and Hur holding the hands of Mose. The Church Fathers have always seen this slightly differently though. More as a prefiguring of Christ’s crucifixion. So his arm should be outstretched as one crucified. I hope you don’t take this is criticism though.

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Hi Tap (Parker?)

    Exodus 17 follows the Feasts pattern. Joshua goes out to fight (Passover/Exodus) and then Moses ascends the hill (Firstfruits/Leviticus) and draws near to God. The battle with Amalek begins at the centre – Pentecost. So it is truly a picture of the crucified Christ as head over the body, Joshua’s army.

    Thanks for your comment.