75 Bible Questions…

…Your Instructors Pray You Won’t Ask

A great little book in the Gary North arsenal.

Here’s the thought-provoking questions. Download the book for his thought-provoking answers (1oMB PDF).

  1. Didn’t God Hate the Unborn Infant Esau?
  2. Could Pharaoh Have Repented?
  3. Does God’s Absolute Predestination Make Him Unfair?
  4. If We Can’t Work Our Way INTO Salvation, How Can We Work Our Way OUT?
  5. How Can God GUARANTEE Good for His People Without PREDESTINATING Good?
  6. How Can We Escape the Love of God?
  7. If We Can “Fall From Grace,” Isn’t Christ’s Intercession Ineffective?
  8. Are We LESS Than Conquerors?
  9. Doesn’t God Make “Vessels Fitted For Destruction”?
  10. When Did God Decide to Give Us Eternal·Life?
  11. Isn’t· Our Heavenly Inheritance Fully Guaranteed?
  12. Aren’t Our Good Works Predestined?
  13. Didn’t Jesus Deliberately Hide His Message so People Wouldn’t Repent?
  14. Could Judas Have Refused to Betray Jesus?
  15. Don’t Evil Men Also Glorify God?
  16. Can Satan Repent and be Saved?
  17. Aren’t Men Ordained in Advance to Eternal Life?
  18. Doesn’t God Compel Men to Believe in Jesus?
  19. Didn’t God Choose Us Long Before We Accepted Him?
  20. How Can an Unregenerate Man Accept Christ?
  21. Could the Authorities Have Acted Righteously and Released Jesus?
  22. Isn’t God’s Grace Irresistible?
  23. Isn’t the Will of God Absolutely Sovereign?
  24. Isn’t Faith in Christ the Gift of God?
  25. Did Christ Die for All Men?
  26. Isn’t it Immoral for People to Have Sex with Animals?
  27. How Can We Love God But Ignore God’s Law?
  28. Is Profession of Faith Enough, or Do Our Acts Also Count?
  29. If Men Won’t Obey God’s Law, Are They Saved?
  30. Are We “Once Saved, Always Saved”?
  31. How Can We Accurately Define Sin if We Deny God’s Law?
  32. Does God Answer Prayers of Lawbreakers?
  33. Do We Really Love the Brethren if We Disobey God’s Laws?
  34. How Can We Identify Christians if We Ignore God’s Law?
  35. How Can We Know if We are “Dead to Sin” if We Ignore God’s Law?
  36. How Can We “Walk in Newness of Life” if We Disobey God’s Law?
  37. How Can We Stop “Serving Sin” if We Disobey God’s Law?
  38. Since God’s Law Can’t Kill Us, Won’t it Help Us to Live?
  39. How Can Sin Still “Reign” in Us if We Obey God’s Law?
  40. Aren’t Those Who Disobey God’s Law “Instruments Of Unrighteousness”?
  41. What Does “Under Grace, Not Law” Mean?
  42. Are We Free to Ignore God’s Law if We are “Under Grace”?
  43. Is a Christian’s “New Spirit” Opposed~ to God’s Law?
  44. Is the Law of God “Carnal,” or Holy, Just, And Good?
  45. How Can We “Walk After the Spirit” if We Disobey God’s Law?
  46. Isn’t a “Carnal Mind” One Which is Opposed to God’s Law?
  47. How Can We “Mortify the Flesh” if We Disobey God’s Law?
  48. Didn’t Paul Believe that the Specifics of God’s Law Still Apply?
  49. How Can We Separate the “Moral Law” from God’s Laws?
  50. Doesn’t Faith in Christ Establish God’s Law?
  51. Aren’t Those Who Obey God’s Law the “Saft of the Earth”?
  52. Isn’t a “City on a Hill” to be an Example for the World?
  53. Should We Limit the Areas to be Illuminated by Our “Light”?
  54. How Can Christians be Resurrected Before the Millennium?
  55. Doesn’t God’s Kingdom Grow Slowly Until It Fills the Earth?
  56. Doesn’t “Leaven” Mean Victory?
  57. Didn’t Christ’s Kingdom Begin Before the Crucifixion?
  58. Wasn’t Satan Cast Out of Heaven During Jesus’ Earthly Ministry?
  59. Isn’t Faith Progressively Productive Until Christians Win?
  60. How Can Satan Rule the World if Power Comes from Righteousness?
  61. Aren’t Christians Supposed to Crush Satan?
  62. What Can Possibly Interrupt Christ’s Dominion?
  63. Isn’t Christ’s Kingdom in this World?
  64. Doesn’t the New Testament Teach that Christians are Powerful?
  65. Aren’t Christians Supposed to Execute Judgment?
  66. Why Shouldn’t Christians Become Civil Rulers and Enforce God’s Law?
  67. Doesn’t the Bible Require an Appeals Court?
  68. Won’t the Resurrection Take Place After the Millennium?
  69. Won’t Men Live Longer as God’s Kingdom Progresses?
  70. Doesn’t Christ’s Kingdom Expand Over Time?
  71. Doesn’t God Want His “Heirs” to Inherit Everything?
  72. Didn’t the Prophets Forsee the Church Age?
  73. Didn’t David Foresee the Church Age?
  74. Didn’t Moses Foresee the Church Age?
  75. Aren’t There Two Kinds of Salvation?
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