Daniel’s Long Shadow

“As the book of Daniel progresses, it opens in stages like a flower.”

Out of the anguish of his soul he shall see and be satisfied;
by his knowledge shall the righteous one, my servant,
make many to be accounted righteous,
and he shall bear their iniquities.
Isaiah 53:11

MarkO and I had some discussion on here recently concerning the “abomination of desolation.” Was it the massacre of converted Jews during the Roman siege, or was it simply a delayed judgment for the crucifixion of “the Righteous One”? Mark writes:

I am inclined to think that the abominable act was the slaughter of The Righteous One. I take this idea from the Sanhedrin’s rejection and condemnation of Jesus as both God and Messiah (Mark 14:61-64), Peter’s Pentecost Sermon (Acts 2:22-23), his next sermon in Acts 3 (3:14) and also from Stephen’s defense (sermon) before the Sanhedrin (Acts 7:52).

So, is it the Righteous One or the Righteous Ones?

Israel’s entire history follows the process of her annual feasts, with this era as the Day of Atonement. The High Priest made two approaches in this Day – one for the Head and one for the Body (Adam and Eve, lifting the curse on the Land and the Offspring). So this late 60′s massacre was a “multiplication” of Judah’s sin against Christ (using Roman state power to kill Christians). In this case, it sealed their doom. As Jordan says, Jesus overlooked the sin against Himself, but the sin against His Bride, as Greater Adam, He would not overlook. [1]

Which brings us to my thoughts on the book of Daniel. We see the same Head-and-Body (totus Christus) structure in the book of this prophet. The first six chapters concern the Jewish head, lifted up into the court of the emperor, and the last six concern the Jewish body. Daniel’s courtly life was a microcosm of Israel’s “latter day” future as a courtly prophet. The rule of Babylon over Israel, with Daniel as mediator, is a microcosm of the rule of all four empires over Israel. Daniel is a symbol of the metal man. His ministry to a single empire laid the foundation for Israel’s ministry to all four empires, culminating in a fifth, the rule of Christ.

Looking even closer, Daniel 1 contains the seeds of Daniel 1-7, and Daniel 1-6 lays the foundation for Daniel 7-12. As the book of Daniel progresses it opens in stages like a flower. The book itself is a new Temple. It has a “Most Holy,” a “Holy,” and “Gentile Courts.”

Garden – Daniel 1
Land – Daniel 1-7
World – Daniel 1-12

Here’s the three cycles:


Garden – Daniel 1

From Bible Matrix: An Introduction to the DNA of the Scriptures

Creation – Captivity: The glory of the Lord goes before His people as the articles from the Temple are taken to the treasure house of Nebuchadnezzar
Division – Priests: The young Judahites are taken to Babylon to be trained as Babylonian “court magicians”
Ascension – Gifts: As high priest of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar appoints three years of training, with the king’s food and wine
Testing – Miracle: Daniel and his friends refuse the food of “Egypt” and are fed miraculously by God in the wilderness. They are given new names
Maturity – Gifts: God gives them gifts of wisdom, interpretation, strength and beauty
Conquest – Priests: They are chosen to serve before the king, above all the other wise men
Glorification – Captivity: Daniel’s ministry continues until the first year of the next empire, the proclamation that brings the end of the seventy year captivity


Land – Daniel 1-7

From Bible Matrix II: The Covenant Key


Genesis / Sabbath – Daniel resists the offer of kingdom without priestly obedience (Ark)


Exodus / Passover – Daniel shelters the wise men by interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s night vision (Veil)

(Law given, Law opened, Law received)

Leviticus / Firstfruits – Daniel’s mighty men are offered to the flames (LAW OF MAN) (Altar)
Numbers / Pentecost – The king of kings is humbled as a beast and regains his kingdom as a man (LAW OF GOD) (Lampstand)
Deuteronomy / Trumpets – Daniel warns Belshazzar that the kingdom is about to fall. He has drunk from the Lord’s prophetic cup and been found “wanting” (LAW OF GOD’S MAN) (Incense)


Joshua / Atonement – Daniel survives the lions’ den, and is “resurrected” from the sealed “tomb” (Priest and People)


Judges / Booths – Daniel is given a vision of the end of the Restoration Covenant era, the final Old Covenant Succession (Shekinah)

As the final verse of Daniel 1 is opened in Daniel 1-6, so the final chapter in this second section (chapter 7) is opened in chapters 8-12. Israel’s “latter day” future, her “Succession,” is revealed to Daniel.


World – Daniel 1-12

From Totus Christus: A Biblical Theology of the Whole Christ
Creation/Day 1 - The Lord establishes worship outside the garden and land in the world (Daniel 1-6)
Division/Day 2 - The world empires are revealed in a night vision as Land beasts (some with wings) carrying Israel over the Sea. The saints rule the firmament (Daniel 7).
Ascension/Day 3 - Daniel sees the conquest of Persia by Greece. This time, the empire beasts are sacrificial Land animals, a ram and a goat. The Herods ascend to the heavens at the “terminal time” (Rome) and usurp the throne of the priestly “STARS” (Daniel 8 ).
Testing/Day 4 - After fasting and prayer, Daniel is shown that this second 490 years (the latter days) of the Temple would end the same way as the first 490 years (the former days), with its desolation by a Gentile flood. The Messiah would be both High Priest and sacrifice (Daniel 9).
Maturity/Day 5 - Daniel experiences “death and resurrection” at the hand of a metal man sent to reveal the last days of the Jews (Daniel 10).
Conquest/Day 6 - From Alexander the Great, the history of Greece and the Herods (Rome) is predicted (Daniel 11).
Glorification/Day 7 - There is a great “time of trouble” that brings an end to the wicked. The coming of the Word of God awakens some to everlasting life and some to everlasting contempt. The saints witness to the truth and shine like priestly STARS (Daniel 12).

This “first (corporate) resurrection” brings the Old Covenant to an end.

So, we can see that just as individual sin becomes corporate sin, so individual holiness becomes corporate holiness. God rips holy men open to make a holy place, a shelter for others. As the man becomes a Holy Husbandman, so the barrenness and trouble of Eve is removed (Genesis 3). The entire restoration era rested upon the foundation of Daniel’s faithfulness. The long shadow of Daniel is a robe, a train, of righteousness.

And the angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God.
Luke 9:34

How is your robe looking? What kind of legacy will you leave? Will it be a history of faithful witnesses, a “many” robed in white? That is New Covenant fruit. [2]

[1] For more, see Half the Blood and One Taken, One Left Behind.
[2] See New Covenant Virility – 1.

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