Music History

Covenant Theology on a keyboard

The three is a five. The four is a seven. The five is a seven. The seven is a twelve.

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3 Responses to “Music History”

  • Dave Says:

    the four is a six?

  • Dave Says:

    so, have you spotted minor and major chords in scripture? Lamentations must have a lot of minor chords ;-)

  • Mike Bull Says:

    And plenty of delayed ‘resolutions.’

    Yes, CDEF is a 6. FGAB is a 7.
    I like the fact that there’s no black note between Ascension and Testing (Christ sends His Spirit to the Body) and between Glorification and Creation (the Spirit-filled Body sends its “horses” to begin the next cycle). So it looks like there are processes within the head and within the body, but no divisions between them.