The Shape of Galatians

Here’s a new book based on the recent series of blog posts on the structure of Galatians. They’ve been worked over thoroughly, with a fair amount of helpful material (introduction, appendixes and some diagrams) added. Find out what Paul meant by “large letters” written with his own hand, how he subtly refers to the Levitical offerings, and why he structured the epistle like a ziggurat.

If you’re a blog member here, you can view the draft in a “page-flip” format (link at end of post). If you feel inclined, I’d appreciate any helpful advice for refinement. It’s best to get that before it goes to print. Any worthy advice will be gratefully credited, unless of course you wish to remain nameless.

Back cover: Click for a larger image.

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3 Responses to “The Shape of Galatians”

  • Mike Bull Says:

    My new friend Victor Chininin Buele has already powered through this. He’s pointed out a few typos and points that need clarification, but here’s his positive comments:

    Hi, Mike,

    I finished reading through your draft of the commentary today.

    First, I’m thankful to the Lord after reading it for the artistry and the beauty of the structure of the letter, which are reflected in the way you have carefully put the book together. My men’s group spent the last year studying Galatians together, and we were struggling with a couple of sections that just seemed almost random – the placing of 2:20 and the analogies to the slave and the free woman. Your commentary clears a lot of that up by allowing us to see the key place they have in the way Paul makes his argument.

    Personally, I was helped by the sections where there would be a missing part to the patterns. I had considered places like that before as stopping places. I can now see that even in that there is intentionality and a point, something that our Lord wants to communicate. This helped me understand something I missed in Section 20 of Bible Matrix II.

    I must agree with your comment that the structure brought tears to your eyes. I’m immensely thankful for the opportunity to read it…

    I want to make a final comment. In traditional commentaries, long sections are devoted to controversies. I was refreshed by the fact that in this particular commentary, the structure of the text itself and its fractal nature were quite convincing about defective views of baptism and justification in such a way that you did not need to break the flow to discuss things like paedobaptism or the New Perspective. For that I was also very thankful.

    May the Lord bless greatly the profit and enjoyment of all who read this commentary. And may He use it greatly for the building up of the Church.

  • Dave Bish Says:

    This sounds exciting… and leaves me with a dilemma of whether to register, I love buying your books so I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one. Galatians is my favourite book and I’ve enjoyed the posts you’ve written on it lately.

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Thanks Dave – you’re too kind.
    I took the draft down yesterday. First half is now with the editor and I’m nearly done with the red pen on the rest. It has quite a lot of new stuff. This thing has had more work done than Joan Rivers! I hope you like it. Should be out in 3-4 weeks or less.