Dec 8 2014

Reading Galatians Backwards


or Sacramental Sorcery and the Seed of Abraham

“O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?”

Having written a (basically word-by-word) commentary on Paul’s epistle to the Galatians, one which demonstrates his use of the biblical pattern of maturity at every point and every level, it amazes me how sacramentalists are not aware that their doctrine makes them the modern targets of Paul’s ire.

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Jun 19 2014

Galatians for Kindle


The Shape of Galatians is finally available for Kindle, here.

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Apr 12 2014

Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength

Galatians open book

“I found it refreshing that the text didn’t spend chapters discussing controversies because Michael Bull lets the fractal nature of the text itself speak out in matters such as baptism and justification.”

A review of The Shape of Galatians by Victor Chininin Buele (from amazon)


I was very skeptical at first about reading Bible Matrix (an earlier work by the author), and I did so only because a friend insisted that I should. Soon enough, I started to see glimpses of the patterns that the author described. I continued to read through his other works, and it became clear to me that Michael Bull does desire to love God with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength. He does so by seeking to understand the Bible and teach it to others. So, I came across The Shape of Galatians, and I read it during a snow day. I could not put it down.

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Mar 25 2014

Text As Image Bearer

The Shape of Galatians: A Covenant-Literary Analysis is now available on amazon. An ebook edition will follow shortly. As of writing, the ‘look inside’ function is not yet functional, but the introduction is as follows: Continue reading

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Jan 31 2014

Shape of Galatians Review

The book is currently with the editor for a polish and will be available soon. Here’s a unique review from Steven Opp, who is actually quoted in the book, but don’t let his bias deter you. I still reckon the literary “riffs” are the Apostle Paul’s, not mine, so imagine it’s Paul up there on stage with a “drumitar” and a heart full of jazz.

Several years ago I went with my brother Ryan to see Béla Fleck and the Flecktones in concert. They are an instrumental fusion band consisting of a banjo, sax, bass, and “drumitar” (if you donʼt know what a drumitar is, go on youtube and find out!) As we waited for the curtains to open, I asked Ryan if he knew what songs theyʼd be playing. He said they would do some of their hits but that it would probably morph into a jam session. But not just any jam session. We would witness some of the worldʼs best jazz and bluegrass artists come together and just have some fun. “The truth is,” he said,“weʼre basically going to watch four really talented guys get on stage and play with their toys for a couple hours.” As the night unfolded, I realized he was right. And it was a great concert!

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Jan 16 2014

My Firstborn Son

or Baptism into Baal

Then you shall say to Pharaoh,
‘Thus says the Lord,
Israel is my firstborn son,
and I say to you,
“Let my son go that he may serve me.”
If you refuse to let him go,
I will kill your firstborn son.’”
(Exodus 4:22)

My Federal Vision friends believe baptism is an important subject, from both theological and pastoral points of view. I agree, but for me it is also an issue of aesthetics. The Bible has a wonderfully consistent internal logic, and paedobaptism crunches the gears at every turn.

Peter Leithart just posted something concerning baptism, and it’s worth answering, not only “because somebody on the internet is wrong,” but also because it is an issue I’ve just finished dealing with in The Shape of Galatians. It should be noted that Trinity House is hosting some lectures on sacraments by a baptist, so Dr Leithart and his colleagues have a spirit that should be imitated by theologians everywhere. My own posts here are always bait in the hope of a bite, a friendly disputatio, so don’t take them the wrong way. If a friend has soup on his tie, or wax in his ear, or a fertility rite in his sacrament, what sort of friend isn’t going to point it out!?

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Jan 5 2014

The Shape of Galatians

Here’s a new book based on the recent series of blog posts on the structure of Galatians. They’ve been worked over thoroughly, with a fair amount of helpful material (introduction, appendixes and some diagrams) added. Find out what Paul meant by “large letters” written with his own hand, how he subtly refers to the Levitical offerings, and why he structured the epistle like a ziggurat.

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