Don’t Rush This Book


Chris Wermeskerch gives God’s Kitchen a 5 star review on

I hate to review a book so highly, ever. It seems dishonest, and it seems like a shill review. But here’s why I rate it so highly:

I’ve always said that one must read outside of their comfort zone. You don’t grow if you only read the same stuff over and over again. Sometimes, you need to read above your level to force your mind to think about new horizons and new possibilities. God’s Kitchen will definitely do that to you. Don’t go into this book without the proper ingredients: the mise en scene needs to be perfectly set. You’ll need to have the Scriptures out, ready to be read at every junction and chapter; have on hand at least two pens and a journal. Before you begin, make sure you have read Bible Matrix I and II, otherwise the whole recipe falls apart. When combining the ingredients, the worst thing you can do is go too quickly. Treat this book like a souffle, and take your time. It’s a delicate recipe that, if done wrong, will become useless. Allow ample time to bake in your mind. Don’t rush this book: even the slowest, most careful chefs will miss aspects of this book. You’ll probably need to practice this recipe multiple times before it all sets in.

Okay, silly metaphors aside. This book isn’t for those not initiated into the Bible Matrix. You’ll learn some of it along the way, but you’ll want a full working knowledge coming into the book into the ins and outs of the method. Read it two or three times and you’ll learn to love it and think the way Mike thinks. And maybe you’ll see things through new eyes because of it.

P.S. The scary photo is me, not Chris.

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