Aug 4 2011

Practicing Cultural Engagement


“Courage is the flower of conviction.”

When Christians speak of “cultural engagement,” what comes to mind? Are we thinking diamond rings or swords and strategies?

Jefferey Ventrella again:

Postmillennialism provides a biblically tenable basis for hope in God’s future grace. But we must not forget that God’s decree ordains both the end as well as the means. Christians must “work out their own salvation,” and this means ethical living by God’s holy standard, that is, theonomic living…

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Aug 2 2011

Practicing Postmillennialism


Jeffery Ventrella writes:

If theonomic postmillennialism is true—and it certainly is—then what differences here and now should this conviction make in the lives of Christians and their churches? What should be the character, and what should be the conduct of a professing postmillennialist?

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