Apr 9 2009

Open Theism

“The world (which God created from nothing) contains moral and natural evils. God either knew these evils would happen if He created or He did not. To say that He did not is to depart from Christian orthodoxy, being a functional denial of omniscience. But if God knew what would follow, and He decided to create anyway, this amounts to an ordaining of what would therefore happen. It is that simple.

The openness guys try to get around this by departing from Christian orthodoxy, and they deny God’s knowledge of the future. But this just makes Him guilty of reckless endangerment instead of premeditated carnage. But as Paul would say, I am out of my mind to talk like this…”

Doug Wilson, Narratival Calvinism and Storyless Readers (Comments) www.dougwils.com

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Apr 8 2009

Within The Bounds of Orthodoxy?

An Examination of Both the Federal Vision and the New Perspective on Paul


by Joseph Minich – April, 2006

This essay is neither a defense nor a sustained critique of either the Federal Vision or the New Perspective on Paul. The exclusive aim of this presentation is to ask the question, “Can advocates of either of these positions be considered as within the bounds of Reformation orthodoxy?” That is, whether or not one agrees with one or the other of these movements, or whether or not one agrees with how they word certain things, can they nevertheless be interpreted in such a way as to be within the broad parameters of the Reformed faith?

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