Three Babylons

or An answer for those who think modern day Israel has any special place in Bible prophecy.

After the scattering at Babel, the Lord tore the world in two by calling Abram. With the end of this large Division, signified by circumcision, there was no more distinction between the priest nation and the Gentiles. James Jordan writes:

“The failure to understand the Babelic context of Israel’s history results in a failure to understand the purpose of tongues in the New Testament, and a failure to understand the historical transition that took place between AD30 and 70. God judged Babel because if the people were united, nothing would be withheld from them (Genesis 11). Jesus prays that His people would be united, so that nothing will be withheld from us (John 17). It was necessary for Jewish and Gentile believers to overcome the Old Covenant bipolarity and be united, before the Gospel could really go forth in full power. After AD70, with Jew and Gentile united in one Church, nothing can be withheld from us, unless we choose by our sin to be disunited. After AD70, there is no longer any God-instituted historical disunity in operation.”1

Here’s a diagram from my book. It oversimplifies the history a little to maintain the clarity of the ‘big picture.’


1 James B. Jordan, The Future of Israel Re-examined.

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