Die the Death of 100 Foreskins

or The Holy Headbutt – 2


How smart is this Book?

As discussed, if we begin with Saul’s anointing by Samuel, subsequent events follow the Feasts outline. Saul’s failure to kill Amalek is at Pentecost and his failure to defeat Goliath is at Atonement.

BUT… if we begin with David’s secret anointing by Samuel, subsequent events also follow the Feasts. This time, however, David’s slaying of Goliath is at Pentecost (the serpent/beast in the wilderness). Guess what’s at Atonement?

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One Response to “Die the Death of 100 Foreskins”

  • david butterworth Says:

    dude is that a barrel of lego foreskins ? i did lego but dont remember little yella fore skins
    they must of come in the jewlego ? i got the aussie one it only had bricks and tractors and stuff for buildin stuff !