Better Angels


“…of the angels He says:
‘Who makes His angels spirits
and His ministers a flame of fire.’”

God is the source of all things, and He identifies Himself as such in His speeches. Every speech is Covenantal, and every preamble within His speeches is a statement of transcendence. “I am the Lord your God.”

After the initial call comes delegation, Covenantal Hierarchy. A man, a Moses, an Abraham, receives the Word with meekness.

We know that angels are God’s messengers, the sent ones. They administered the Old Covenant as our tutors, Satan becoming the first false teacher, the first corrupt ambassador, or, if you will, the first publican.

[This post has been refined and included in Sweet Counsel: Essays to Brighten the Eyes.]

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5 Responses to “Better Angels”

  • Dan Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Good post. Thanks for it.


  • Shepherd Says:

    Lots of intriguing stuff here, I like this post. I’m not quite sure on the angels coming in flesh contrasted with Christ. My understanding was that oftentimes the Angel of the Lord in Scripture was the Lord Himself in some sort of theophany. You seem to be speaking of angels and the Angel of the Lord as if they are the same kind of thing. I can’t say that I’ve done a lot of research on this, and I might be misreading you, but I’m curious as to how the identity of the Angel of the Lord as God Himself plays into your post above. Several theologians I’ve read in the past seem to see the Angel of the Lord as a pre-incarnate manifestation of the Son.

    I enjoyed the post though. Good stuff.

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Good point. I agree that the Angel of the Lord was the incarnate Christ. Jordan observes that in the Revelation, Jesus is, well, Jesus to the New Covenant people, but to the Old Covenant rebels He is still the Angel of the Lord bringing the fires of refining and judgment.

  • Kelly Says:

    I’m curious as to where you get the artwork that you post with your blog posts. This picture like others you’ve posted are beautiful.

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Thanks, Kelly. A little place called google. Hope you enjoy my book!