Charity and Authority

Kerry Lewis recently posted this quote from George Grant on facebook:

There is a fundamental principle of dominion in the Bible:
dominion through service. This principle is understood well by the
modern welfare State. The politicians and planners recognize that
the agency that supplies charity in the name of the people will
gain the allegiance of the people. So, they “serve.” And so they
gain dominion…

Unfortunately, Christians have not understood this link between charity and authority. They have time and again fallen into
the trap that snared Ahaz: alliances with the enemy.

Someone must be in charge. There is no escape from responsibility.
When people are needy, or fearful, or desperate, they seek
protection. Who will give it to them? And what will the protector,
the benefactor, ask in return?

This is why the question of the responsibility for charity is ultimately
a question of authority. And this is why the issue of charity
is such a volatile issue. At stake is ultimate control over the society.
For that men will go to war.

Thus, the battle for the control over charity is very similar to a
military campaign. And God’s people are warned repeatedly by
God: make no alliance with foreign gods. Make no alliances with
the enemy.

George Grant, “In the Shadow of Plenty”, pp. 40-41

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