May 9 2012

Charity and Authority

Kerry Lewis recently posted this quote from George Grant on facebook:

There is a fundamental principle of dominion in the Bible:
dominion through service. This principle is understood well by the
modern welfare State. The politicians and planners recognize that
the agency that supplies charity in the name of the people will
gain the allegiance of the people. So, they “serve.” And so they
gain dominion…

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Sep 1 2009

Charity, not Revolution

“The Bible is not a history of poor people struggling under oppression. Nor does the Bible ever give any example of poor people rising up and overthrowing established order. Deliverance, when it comes, comes from people who are not poor helping those who are. The Bible history is a history of wealthy and royal people, giving us an example of how we are to think and live now that we are all wealthy and royal in Christ as members of His Kingdom Body.”

James B. Jordan, Getting Real with the Patriarchs, Biblical Horizons No. 202. Subscribe at

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