Dec 21 2011

A Life Too Ordinary

In The Covenant Key, you’ll see the structure and purpose of all Biblical Covenants laid bare. It hammers home what is promised and what is at stake (the future), and how it all hinges on one simple thing — obedience.

“Real supernatural power is always found in the last place we want to look, the place of humble submission to God and His Law.”

Without fail, the simple passing of time exposes all the man-made isms for what they are: sophisticated attempts to obtain the blessings of God while avoiding obedience to the Law of God.

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Jun 20 2009

Scientists and Art Lovers

macvswindowsor Systematic and Biblical Theologies

More on typology. A helpful picture.

 Tim Challies summarises Gage and Barber’s approach in their study guide on Genesis 37-50:

“I have learned to expect to be underwhelmed with study guides. Sadly, it was with this expectation that I began to read The Story of Joseph and Judah, a guide written by Warren Gage, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Knox Theological Seminary and Christopher Barber, a lawyer who is also a graduate of Knox Theological Seminary. I am glad to say that this guide, which promises to provide a ‘fresh look at Genesis 37-50,’ does just that and does it very well.

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