Communist Theology


or A Thimbleful of Watery Bible Broth

The Modernist Bible is very thin. The Old Testament is a mix of myth and history, and Revelation is just a general picture book of the gospel’s work in the world (or a polemic against first century Rome). It boils down basically to some key statements by Jesus and the letters of Paul. And even here, there are problems. Evangelicals love Paul because he communicates like a Greek, but even evangelicals choke on some things he says.

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2 Responses to “Communist Theology”

  • john cummins Says:

    Amen! Amen! Amen! AND Amen!

  • Mike Bull Says:

    In support of this, a couple of paragraphs from Jordan this week:

    “… Everyone knows that neither Calvin nor Bucer, neither Rutherford nor any of the men of the Westminster Assembly, could ever be allowed into any of the Reformed classes and Presbyterian presbyteries in present-day micro-Calvinism. Nor would any of these men be acceptable on any of the faculties at the various “conservative” seminaries. All of these men would be way too theocratic, too sacramental, and too liturgical to be allowed admittance…

    The year 2009 is a big John Calvin year. You’ll see lots of monuments raised to Calvin, but if you look carefully, you’ll see that those who believe as Calvin did are pilloried and crucified by modern “Calvinists.” Calvin and the other men of the Reformation got their theology from the Bible; but the modern gnostics get their theology from Confessions and Catechisms, which they distort almost beyond recognition. If there is anything that the so-called “Federal Vision” made crystal clear and transparent to all onlookers, it is that fact.”

    You can read the full article, Reformed Gnosticism Strikes Again, here: