Protect your Kids from Dawkins


These modern atheists are totally blind. Besides the fact that they give all the credit for the cultural achievements of Christianity to “human reason” (aren’t Muslims human, too?), they believe that social anarchy is freedom. After all, we are just pondscum, blindly—antinomiously— finding its full potential.

It is Christianity that has brought freedom and freedom of choice to the world. With the ingratitude inherited from Adam, our culture then demanded “freedoms” we could not handle. We want to rule but we have no wisdom. We are a train too smart for tracks.

Dawkins and his salamander-eyed toadies have now posted happy children onto the sides of buses with the message that religious freedom is actually freedom from a religious upbringing. Of course, the subtext is the false claim that secularism is neutral. These men are either incredibly ignorant or malicious self-serving liars. I think it is the former. They are blinded by their own fabricated worldview.


What is hilarious is that these smiley children as it turns out are actually from a well-known evangelical Christian family.[1] So it’s a bit like Brad Pitt’s body double having to do a basic run up a flight of stairs because of the actor’s chain smoking.[2] It’s false advertising. They should have used happy atheist kids but these tend to live with the flying spaghetti monster.

What they really want is your children indoctrinated with their child-deforming poison. Dawkins might dress as the Candy Man and offer freedom but he is really the Child Catcher. He is so deluded he has become an incarnation of the very methodology of Satan, in whom he doesn’t believe.[3] His idea of freedom for children, in practice, is like an outlawing of fences around preschools.

I wish they’d wake up and see that the full potential of their lawless doctrines is already becoming quite apparent in our culture. They have made us too weak to survive “natural selection” (or, as I see it, robbed us of Covenant succession). A bit like Brad Pitt, I guess.

[1] See Children who front Richard Dawkins’ atheist ads are evangelicals.
[2] I don’t think this actually happened, but someone in the movie industry did report Pitt as being incredibly unfit due to cigarettes and in the context of him running up stairs.
[3] For more comments on Dawkins and children, see Richard Dawkins, the blind compass maker. For Satan as child-catcher see Fighting Over the Children.

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