Seven Thousand Who Have Not Bowed to Baal – 1


Elijah’s twelve stone altar “died” in the place of Israel, paying the debt for her idolatries, burned to nothing as a priest’s daughter who had committed harlotries. That passage follows the Bible matrix, with the prophets of Baal slaughtered as the scapegoat (washed from the Land in the “Laver” of Kidron, no less).

Did Ahab and Jezebel repent? No, they filled up their sins.[1] So Elijah made an exodus to Sinai. This, too, follows the pattern. Elijah is a new Moses, and he makes a new Covenant for the remnant which will bring about the destruction of Ahab’s dynasty. His “new creation” will be built on the corpse of the old.

This chart from Totus Christus: [2]

Genesis/Light – Ahab brings the word to Jezebel of Elijah’s execution of her prophets, and she threatens Elijah’s life

Exodus/Veil [Passover] - Elijah heads for the wilderness and prays that he might die. He falls asleep under a broom tree

Leviticus/Altar & Table [Firstfruits] - The Lord miraculously feeds him with bread and water. He walks forty days and nights and like Moses, ascends Sinai. Unlike Moses, he pleads with God to judge Israel

Numbers/Lampstand [Pentecost] - As a new Moses, he stands in exactly the same cave Moses did as the Lord’s glory passes by

Deuteronomy/Incense [Trumpets] – Elijah is told to build a new house by anointing Hazael king of Syria, Jehu king of Israel, and his very own “Joshua”—Elisha

Joshua/High Priest [Atonement] – The Lord tells Elijah that He has “separated” for Himself seven thousand faithful prophets

Judges/Shekinah [Tabernacles] – Elijah’s “dynasty” is extended as he throws his robe over Elisha

Jezebel’s word is “light” only in irony.
Elijah, as is usual for the prophets at Step 2, falls on his face, humbled so he can be exalted and given a new task.
Moses begged the Lord to spare Israel. Elijah begs Him to destroy them!
The “tomb” at the centre of the pattern. [3]
Step 5 is Moses’ last book. He hands the leadership to Joshua.
The “seven thousand” faithful men are the seven sprinklings of the Day of Covering.
Step 7 involves Covenant succession [4]. Elisha later called Elijah his “father”.

[1] See No More Sacrifice For Sins.
[2] Order a copy here. See also Elisha’s Short Fuse.
[3] See A Jonah Chiasm.
[4] For how the 5-fold Covenant pattern is expanded into 7-fold in history, see Lambs in Limbo.
Pic: Elijah in the Desert by Michael O’Brien,
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