Music and Dominion

From the best Bible teacher in the world…

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6 Responses to “Music and Dominion”

  • john cummins Says:

    Is that it? It doesn’t finish!

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Yeah, it’s just a clip. But there’s aeons of mp3s to listen to! See link below.

  • Steven Opp Says:

    Thinking out loud:
    Any connection between making electronic instruments (the exception he makes to the other three) with the Holy Spirit? The Spirit is fire, and electricity is fire…are we playing God by making electronic instruments, which aren’t human? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fire, light, and the apocalyptic. Not sure where I’m going with this, but the fact of electronic, unhuman fiery music like what can be made on a computer is somehow inhuman.

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Very good observation. Have you noticed how early electronic music sounds very “elemental,” but as synthesisers have become more complex we are able to mimic more natural (or human) sounds?

  • Steven Opp Says:

    That’s interesting. Same with electronic visual effects-they keep becoming more and more lifelike. I guess this adds to the debate of the good or evil of technology–how much is okay and how much makes us inhuman? I’m guessing God is glorified by our creativity and being able to imitate his creativity. But how do we do this without forfeiting the natural human worship which he created? Any thoughts, coming from a graphic design perspective?

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Check out the Nova doco on how fractals have made CGI lava and water possible. Amazing.

    I don’t think technology makes us inhuman, any more than a combine harvester over a plow does. The Spirit gives us technology as a new domain, and we are to use it wisely. This would also apply to bioethics. Just because we *can* do something doesn’t mean we should.

    Relating this to music, besides making sure it is suitable for worship (with the standards that apply to all instruments) I think it just comes down to what is good taste. Synthesisers seem to work best as an addition to the band, not a replacement for it. What do you think?