Jesus’ Long Day


“Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the Land.” (Matthew 5:5)

Some more thoughts related to Walking on Water. Please read Joshua 3 before proceeding.

If the New Jerusalem is the fulfilment of the “wall of water” at the Jordan crossing, the Lamb at the centre of the city is the Ark in the middle of the riverbed, surrounded by a human government. [1] If you know your James Jordan, the Ark of the Covenant was an image of the Light that shone on Day 1. The Lamb remains at the centre of the city, surrounded by the firstfruits saints, until the last saint is redeemed and Christ hands the kingdom to the Father.

There are many historical events in the Joshua narrative that relate to this church age typologically. Besides the saints carving up the world as Promised Land, probably the most striking for me is the defeat of the Amorites in Joshua 10. King of Jerusalem, Adoni-Zedek (Melchi-Zedek’s evil twin, later in history), gathered local kings against the people of God. [2] James Jordan relates the sun and moon standing still in Joshua to the extension of the day of battle in the book of Esther. [3] Once again, the Promised Land was being conquered, and once again, they needed more time to finish off the enemies of God! Both events fall on their respective “Day 6s,” the time of Conquest, the Day of Atonement. The sun and moon have been replaced by the Bridegroom Who shines and the Bride who reflects His glory.

“The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light.” Revelation 21:23 [4]

Adam and Eve, new sun and new moon, stand before God, exalted over the kingdom of beasts. The firstfruits church martyrs stood—liturgically—upon the beastly necks of the kings of another corrupted Jerusalem. In this age, as the body of Christ, we stand—liturgically—on the neck of the beast in the abyss. He will stay there as long as there are yet saints to cross over. In our worship, every week, we place our “corporate” foot on his neck once again in Communion. The church’s government under Christ is a big chain of heavy metal.

Day 6 is the Laver, resurrection, and the Day of Atonement. The church age began in earnest at the first resurrection and will not end until the second. [5] As the first century extended the power of Christ’s resurrection from Garden to Land, so this age extends it from Land to World, until all His enemies are under His feet. AD70 brought the Day of the Lord to Israel. The age of the church will end in the Day of the Lord for the whole world.

[1] For more on this “architecture,” see Bloody Throne, Bloody Frontiers.
[2] Jabin gathered the nations against Israel in Joshua 11. On gathering the nations, for good and evil, see A Conspiracy of Nations, Counterfeit Kingdom Come and Greater Amalek.
[3] I would probably also relate it to the sign God gave to Hezekiah that his “mediatorial” life would be extended in Isaiah 38.
[4] For how this New Jerusalem “architecture” was  symbolised by every Israelite, see Healing in His…Tassels?
[5] See The First Resurrection, The Second Death, The Rest of the Dead, For A Thousand Years and Jesus’ New Broom.

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