Armageddon’s Big Sista

or Legs of Burning Bronze

So, we have noted that the New Jerusalem, the crystal city with walls and gates, is pictured by the water crossings of Israel.

It is interesting to note that the failure of the first generation to enter the Land due to cowardice messed up the pattern. In the greater chiasm, from Abraham in Canaan (Genesis) to Israel in Canaan (Judges), Egypt is the “testing” under beastly rulers at the centre. The Red Sea was to be the final Laver. So God began a new pattern, one with “testing” under more beastly rulers in the wilderness. And Israel finally crossed when the Jordan was flooding, a new Laver for the next generation.

Anyhow, the point of this post is to understand the final, short release of Satan. As we saw, the Totus Christus (Christ and the church as one body) stands spiritually upon the neck of the beast. The beast is under His heel. This corresponds to the pillar of fire which held Pharaoh back from attacking the Hebrews while they crossed the Sea. This is where we stand now. Satan is not entirely bound because God always uses him to test and purify his people, to bring them to a maturity of judgment between good and evil. But Satan is bound from doing some very specific things: from deceiving the nations (which is why the gospel has spread all over the world) and as the consequence of this withheld deception, his gathering of the nations against the church. [1] As with Job, a definite line was drawn that he cannot cross—until history gets to verse 7.

As in Eden, there is currently “flaming sword” at the gate. It is the stream of fire coming down from the throne in Daniel 7 that allows the firstfruits saints, and the rest of us, to approach the throne. But at the end of the millennium [2], the pillar of fire moves on. The burning bronze legs of Jesus (symbolised by the two pillars at the entry to Solomon’s Temple [3] and harking back to not only the two cherubim at the Garden gate but also the two trees at the centre of the Garden) will be lifted.

But only because they get in the way of DECAPITATING him. [4]

Satan will finally be able to stop the nations fighting amongst themselves and unite them as a “Totus Diabolus” against the church, symbolically known as the camp of the saints, the holy city, the New Jerusalem. As with Pharaoh, it will simply be a trap. Eve will deceive the serpent. For the lawless one, it will be an eye for an eye.

The last days of the firstfruits church (Armageddon [5]) were cut short for the sake of the saints. The first resurrection followed. The last days of the church age, this final battle, will also be cut short—”a little season.” The second resurrection will follow. And Jesus tells us that there would be no suffering ever again as great as that of the firstfruits saints. The last battle will be like the one in Esther.

“For He will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness, because the LORD will make a short work upon the earth.” Romans 9:28

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[5] “In Hebrew, “Har” means “Mountain”, and “Maged” means “Festival Assembly”. The Battle of the Mountain of Festival Assembly is a battle at Mount Sinai, at Mount Zion, at the Church.” See James B. Jordan, The Vindication of Jesus Christ p. 69-71.

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