Jun 29 2015

The Bible You Never Read

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Mar 19 2012

Kirk Cameron Leaves Left Behind Behind

It’s now official. Kirk Cameron’s been hanging around with Darren Doane and Gary DeMar. He’s left the erroneous theology of Tim LaHaye’s silly books behind and embraced the optimism of postmillennialism — the Biblical teaching that the gospel will be victorious in history, through self-sacrifice.
Cheer up, you dispies. It’s not the end of the world.

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Aug 6 2011

Jordan’s Musical Hermeneutics


More than thirty years after the release of their hit song, “Down Under,” (1978) Australian rock band Men at Work were hauled into court for ripping their flute riff from a nursery rhyme. The issue came up after discussion on a popular rock quiz TV show. [1]

Most Aussies of my generation knew the original (really uncool) song, and the use of it as a motif in a rock song was, well, really cool. The very fact that it didn’t have a big yellow sticker on it saying “This bit is from Kookaburra,” and the listener picked it up, was gratifying. All good music does this. All good movies do this. TV shows also use subtle allusions to past episodes as a nod to faithful viewers (and no show does it with the concrete-cracking understatement of Mad Men).

In this case of the flute riff, any dunderhead could pick it up. While I think that the current owners of the copyright, Larrikin Records, are a bunch of opportunistic bastards (and though they were once considered indie and cool, I guess they are now really uncool), it pains me that modern teachers of the Bible are too cautious to read the Scriptures in this way, too conservative to pick up the motifs, phrases and structural allusions that are obvious once they are pointed out. They are looking for the big yellow sticker, and it ain’t coming.

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May 27 2011

Darren Doane reviews Bible Matrix

Filmmaker Darren Doane (“Collision” www.collisionmovie.com) reviews Mike Bull’s Bible Matrix: An Introduction to the DNA of the Scriptures, and then lets a 12 year old Veritas Hall student explain the basics for the grownups.

“We have been using your Bible Matrix book during our time of staff training and it has proven to be a huge blessing and is reshaping the way we think as both a staff and school. Thank you.”
Dennis Deutsch
Veritas Hall

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Nov 18 2010

Genesis Redux progress


Darren Doane’s exciting Genesis Redux project is progressing. And chilling.

The series will be out early next year. Besides being a totally awesome production, a version with an accompanying teaching curriculum will also be available.

Here’s some screen shots: Continue reading

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Oct 31 2010

Kingdom Has Come

Veritas Hall Westlake “Kingdom” from Darren Doane on Vimeo.

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Jun 10 2010

Christian Education Defined

Veritas Hall westlake – Christian Education from Darren Doane on Vimeo.

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Apr 24 2010

Genesis Redux – Part 1

Well, here it is, live at last. Enjoy.

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Mar 28 2010

Right Between the Eyes

Darren Doane’s finished the first half hour of Genesis Redux.

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Feb 6 2010

Bullies and Shrinking Violets

or What’s Wrong with this Picture?


“When I began to edit the film, something happened. I found I was being educated. And not just with arguments. I was watching a Christian life. I was seeing a Christian man.” —Darren Doane

Just watched The History Boys, a film based on an entertaining but self-indulgent West End play by Alan Bennett. Despite the fact that under Course Language and Sexual References it should also have a “gay theme” warning (but I guess that’s not politically correct), the film is hysterical is places and unwittingly highlights a fatal flaw in our culture.

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