Dec 9 2009

Sevenfold Witness to John

Jesus built a new Tabernacle before He tore down the old one that was ready to pass away. This is the basis of His message to John in prison:

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Oct 2 2009

Two Reviews

Two reviews of the “review edition” of Totus Christus, one from a scholar and one from a student. Sincere thanks to both these readers for taking the time, especially Peter Leithart, who is a pastor, author and father of ten. He writes:

Mike Bull is a graphic designer in the wonderfully named Katoomba, New South Wales, who writes about the Bible. He’s produced a massive “biblical theology of the whole Christ” entitled Totus Christus. There are a lot of juicy details here, but the overall scheme is to follow the heptamerous chiastic pattern of Creation, Division, Ascension, Testing, Maturity, Conquest, Glorification from Genesis to the end of the Bible. Some of it feels forced and schematic, but overall it’s a lively introduction to a richer reading of Scripture. With a lot of quotations from James Jordan and me, it’s a good summary of what we’ve been up to for the past couple of decades.

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Oct 1 2009

Feasts in Colossians 1:15-20


This contribution by Kelby Carlson, who just finished my book. He deserves a big medal. He also thinks it should be longer!

For our English class we are reading The Scarlet Letter. It’s amazing how much symbolism there is in literature, and your book (Jordan’s, too, and a few others) have really started to help me see that. I think man fundmentally fits symbols into everything, even if sometimes it is unintentional. I am just amazed at how something that at first appears simple can say so much; which has me even more in awe of the Scriptures.

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Sep 17 2009

Made My Day



Concerning Totus Christus, Kelby wrote me:

“I just got through reading the chapter on Christ’s crucifixion. Let me say that almost every nitpick I might have had with any other section of the book was forgotten as I read this part. Whatever you charge for the book is what that chapter alone is worth. You could make an entire book out of that chapter; it says so much, so eloquently, and so concisely. Amazing.”

Introduction and chapter one are here [PDF]. I hope he sends me a list of the nits to pick too.


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