Global Glass Ceiling


or The False Bride Will Never Get A Management Position

“…the only unity that will be allowed by the Father is the unity that Jesus requested from the Father in John 17.”

One of the interesting “universal themes” that James Jordan has uncovered in the Bible is that of Satan’s various attempts to “gather the nations” against the Church. You can read about that in a series of blog posts called Amalek Debunks Hyperpreterism (click here and scroll down).

The history of Israel was the qualification of a Covenant Head, fulfilled in Jesus, who now rules the nations from heaven, with the Old Covenant saints in a crystal city. The evil one has been bound so that he cannot gather the nations against the Church until he is released just before the end. He will immediately attempt to gather the nations but be destroyed. The Church will once again be the bait in a trap, as it was for Pharaoh, and for the Herod/Emperor alliance.

The evil one is currently bound from gathering the nations so that Jesus can gather them plundering the “strong man’s house.”

The Glass Ceiling

The Church on earth is one with the crystal city, and is currently ruling the world through prayer and faithful service. Whenever the nations attempt to build Babel, whether by military conquest or economic unions, they hit the glass ceiling put in place in AD70. Their mortar gives way and the various unions fragment once again.

The nations will not be allowed to unite because they would eventually be united against the Church, and the Church isn’t yet complete. Whatever happens over the next few years in the economy, or environmentally, or internationally, is all about the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He, and His Church, are central to everything that happens.

Final Fantasy

The final feast in Israel’s calendar was Tabernacles (or Booths). This was also known as ingathering, the time when Jews and Gentiles were temporarily one. The first century was the “ingathering” of the Old Covenant. The Herods were making ungodly pacts to unite Jew and Gentile, all the while Paul was gathering the faithful into the New Covenant by the power of the Spirit.

This is what we see now, but on a global scale. We can sing “It’s A Small World” all we like, but the only unity that will be allowed by the Father is the unity that Jesus requested from the Father in John 17.

Tabernacles was the end of the working year, the final harvest, the time of olives and grapes, oil and wine. The Gentiles seek to enter into “God’s rest,” the place reserved for wise judges, a feast of wine. But as long as they reject Jesus, they will continually be turned away — as bread to be broken once again, in the process of the glorification of the world.

Who’s in Control?

The markets might be volatile, the world might be at war, but Jesus is in control and He knows exactly what He is doing. As He scatters His enemies, He is gathering His people. And if we fear Him, we have nothing else to fear.

In Jesus’ economy, the false bride will never get a management position. Yet, as His true bride, we ascend by faith every week to join in the worship, praise and prayer that truly governs the world. Knees bowed to Jesus are royal knees.

The glass ceiling that shatters the nations is the crystal city, the New Covenant firmament, the New Jerusalem.

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4 Responses to “Global Glass Ceiling”

  • Doug Roorda Says:

    Mike, this is beautiful, thanks!


  • Dave Says:

    Thanks for that – I love things like this that tie in biblical understanding with our place in history :-) It helps to act as a theological lens through which to view even current events, and of course reminds us what the church should really be doing today.

  • Mark Sunwall Says:

    As someone who was raised half-universalist, in my “better” moments I often mused, “Why can’t we just have a United States of Earth and live in peace?” After decades of meditation on that theme I have come to the reluctant conclusion that it would wind up as a United States of Hell. Even the good ole US of A needs a Rep. Ron Paul to keep it honest to its civil liberties, just as the world needs Jesus (and no substitute) to keep to the biblical manifestos of rightousness and mercy. But your “glass ceiling” metaphore has said it much better than my own lame attempt at political analogy!

  • Mike Bull Says:

    No, that’s a really good point. Giving peace a chance doesn’t have a chance without Jesus.